Millennium Center is a non-profit organisation. It was founded in April 2000 out of the desire to offer a legal and organized environment for the young people’s initiatives.

Our AIM is to promote the interests of the young people on a social, cultural, educational, sports and economical level. In other words, we wish to promote our generation.

Millennium Center (MC) is a modern, dynamic and experienced NGO from Arad in west Romania, active in youth field with special emphasis on European Voluntary Service and Youth Work, E-Learning, Youth Career guide, Job related tools and online courses.

Millenium Center Association is a youth NGO in Romania with 18 years of experience ( since 2000 constant creating new opportunities, learning windows for YOUTH, by working with all target groups), in the field of ERASMUS+ we have experience in VET, TC, EVS RO, SE, CO; KA2 Strategic Partnership in Adults, Youth fields; KA2 Capacity Building; projects with activity in Africa, Central America; South America, Asia, Europe, Partner/East partner countries of E+.

You can see part of ongoing domain projects:; (India, Mexic, Columbia, Italy, Spain) (Language and interculture trainings) (Sport & healthy lifestyle events) (Jobs preparation, Career center, Learning opportunities for youth, face-to face and online trainings) (Created MC Sportive Club with more focus in SPORT; events and weekly activities to promote healthy lifestyle) (Created MC Social Economy Company - can be partner in social, ecologic or entrepreneurship projects) and many more.
As roles, Sending, Coordinating and Hosting since 2007, sending abroad hundreds of volunteers from Romania and hosted hundreds of volunteers from Partner countries of the Programme.

It’s an organization that puts the same emphasis on non-formal and informal methods of work with EVS volunteer and on training of own staff devoted to EVS projects.

The strong integration of local coordinating team of MC together with EVS volunteers makes each EVS project more and more successful, creating friendly atmosphere between participants. Non-formal and informal methods applied since award winning EVS project “Cultural Clusters To Be Discovered” from 2008, evolved and get more reach within each new EVS project. Since 2013, MC consecutively introduces into learning process of EVS volunteers, elements of ICT and related techniques, to enhance non-formal and informal experience.
MC is implementing KA2 projects and started to create new ones focusing in online training courses, online tools for career guidance, for competence development, with focus on youth, for Youth Worker and Trainer professions and roles in EVS.

Finished KA205 project results can be seen at over 2600 users for online courses and intellectual products created for youth and youth workers

MC has the following objectives:

  • Promoting the young in all the fields of the social-economic life
  • Helping the young people acknowledge and respect their legal rights and obligations, supporting them in their contacts with the local and central authorities
  • Promoting the principles of democracy and fighting against totalitarianism and extremist ideologies
  • Informing the young people of certain opportunities that might exist in the educational, cultural and social fields
  • Promoting ecological principles, the protection of the environment and the education of the youngsters to respect nature
  • Organizing cultural-artistic shows, sport events and recreational and educational activities
  • Promoting dialogue between generations
  • Promoting an intercultural, European dimension
  • Giving social scholarships
  • Promoting activities in the field of numismatics or other hobbies
  • Promoting tourism and sports
  • Family and child protection
  • Supporting actions on information, counseling and career guidance
  • Promoting and supporting lifelong learning
  • Creating and supporting centers dedicated to learning, career, children, young people, social establishments, cultural, touristic, kindergartens, nurseries, camps, touristic sights, day centers and residential, for all ages, guesthouses and farmhouses , centers "after -school "orphanages etc.
  • Conducting market research and economic research , surveys and statistics
  • Organize courses, seminars , conferences , camps , workshops, formal methods -based activities or in the sphere of education
  • Business and management consultancy, recruitment and selection of workforce, supply and management of workforce, selection and placement of personnel, organizing courses
  • Partnerships, projects and activities in collaboration with institutions, associations, foundations and other physical or legal persons

Contact person: Cristina NISTOR

Asociatia Millenium Center ARAD
Address: Piata Catedralei 3 AP 13, 310090 Arad, ROMANIA
Tel.: +40 768600112