The Folklore Company of Varnavas in the Municipality of Marathon (hereafter – FCV) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization which was established in 2002 in Varnavas, Attica. In 2003 the Interactive Historical Folklore Museum was set up containing a representation of a house of the last century and the European Museum of Bread that was set up in 2005 containing over 3000 exhibits of decorative bread from all over Greece and the rest of the world. This collection of bread is considered to be one of the largest in the world and the exhibition entitled “Roads of Bread” has travelled widely within Greece and abroad.

FCV works closely with organizations, sponsors and museums abroad such as Birmingham in UK, Riga in Latvia, Valetta in Malta, Metz in France, the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, Naples and Sicily, Greek ministries and regional and local councils throughout the country, the University of Athens, the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre at the Academy of Athens, Health Centres, cooperatives and trade union organizations, communities of legal immigrants, parent and teacher associations, youth centres, women’s groups, high schools, colleges, old aged people’s clubs; this shows the level of our effort and contribution within the region of Attica and throughout the whole country. FCV has also cooperated with organizations and Embassies from third-world countries such as “Greek-Palestinian Friendship”, “Community of Afghans in Greece”, “Green Refugee Forum” etc., to provide clothing and essentials to vulnerable groups and to co organize events with the aim of knowing each other's culture.

FCV has been recognized and awarded world widely many times and has an operative and administrative license.

Furthermore, FCV is based on and supports volunteering by promoting voluntary actions in all areas (eg. Culture, environment, social solidarity – migrants, refugees, people living in poverty-, problems of local community).
FCV also provides youth and adult education, implements lifelong learning trainings and workshops and organizes exhibitions. FCV’s contribution in culture is significant due to the operation of the two museums. FCV has implemented programs and trainings in social integration, rural development and human resources development.

In 2012 FCV became part of the European Program “Development of Human Dynamics”. Through this program, social jobs were created in wider Attica. For the past nine years we have been involved in implementing training and educational programs for primary and secondary schools and also for adults, employing museum associates who are educators, historians, music teachers, environmentalists, astrophysicists and other active, energetic and responsible scientists.

At the time of writing, there are four publications in print: a work entitled “Arvanites” which is on its third edition and has been presented by the University of Athens, a black and white photo album entitled “Family Ties and Community” under the aegis of the County Council of Attica, a colour picture book entitled “Decorative Bread” with an introduction by the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre at the Academy of Athens and a colour picture book entitled “The Bread in the Mediterranean Sea”.

Contact person: Milea PAPPA

Laografiki Etaireia Varnava
Address: Kinetizas 5, 19014 Varnavas Attikis, GREECE
Tel.: +30 2295097870