Verein Multikulturell – Tyrolean Integration Center is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1993 enhancing the intercultural dialogue and education. Our main objectives are to promote professional, social and cultural integration of migrants and refugees. To reach this goal we closely cooperate with the State Government and other State institutions like the Chamber of Commerce, job centers, schools as well as social organizations and societies.

Verein Multikulturell has been an important member of several integration networks in the country throughout more than 20 years. Currently, it is a member of Integrationsforum Tirol, where the most important organisations in this field are organised. For several years we have been involved in a variety of projects. We have tremendous experience in designing and leading national and international projects (Daphne, LLP, fundamental rights) or taking up the active role of a transnational project partner.
Related with the current content of this project, we coordinated several other projects, such as the projects "Tandem Now" (Mentoring for migrant youth through Role Models -, FEEL IT - Feel the Difference (within the previous INTI programme of the European Commission, and "Casebook", that eased the process of inclusion of migrants by developing a casebook for career counselors and social workers, and a set of additional tools to spread its use (, an Erasmus+ KA2 project started 2014). Verein Multikulturell is also accredited for EVS - European Voluntary Services. At the beginning of the year 2016, the institution has received the accreditation for basic education (literacy, numeracy and digital skills) by the Austrian Ministry of Education. This is granted up today only for three organisations in the State of Tirol.

Currently we are engaged in a number of activities and offer a variety of services (all services are multilingual, DE, EN, TR, BKS; for Arabic and Farsi we use translators) targeting refugees coming to Austria and migrants living in Austria in order to promote their opportunities to settle down and integrate themselves to host society. The Chairman Mr Ovagem Agaidyan is a member of the Integration Council of the State Government of Tirol. In Tirol Verein Multikulturell is the only organisation employing specialised staff for the following services and VM holds the accreditation for basic education in Austria:
- Language training for refugees
- Literacy training for refugees
- Mentoring programmes for Youth
- Special language training for YP from 16-20 years
- Socio-psychological Support
- Multilingual Guidance for education and career counselling for refugees and migrants
- Job application training and interview coaching
- Multilingual family counseling and psychotherapy
- Elele hotline (victims of domestic violence)
- Language and computer classes for adults and youngsters
- Media workstation young migrants (radio, film, photography & creative writing workshops)
- International EU projects with several themes like VET, multilingual preschool education, adult learning, multimedia specifically making films and radio shows for migrants (see above)

Verein Multikulturell contributes also to a better understanding between people with migration background and host society by the provision of:
- Intercultural/diversity seminars and training courses for multipliers, like youth workers, teachers, social workers
- Sensitization and Awareness Rising Activities
- Cooperation with other organisations and public administration - Cultural or intercultural literature days.
- Tirolean Initiative for Culture
- IG Kultur Österreich
- ENAR: European Network Against Racism
- Integrationforum Tirol
- Integration Council of the State Government of Tirol - ANAR – Austrian Network against Racism
- European Multicultural Foundation

Contact person: Ovagem AGAIDYAN

Verein Multikulturell
Address: Andreas Hofer Str. 46, 6020 Innsbruck, AUSTRIA
Tel.: +43 512 56 29 29