The Zentrum für interkulturelle Bildung und Arbeit (ZiB) e.V. (Centre for Intercultural Education and Work (ZiB) e.V.) is a registered association founded in 2003. The ZiB e.V. currently employs 15 people working in the various projects of the association. Thematically, our main focus is inter- and transculturality in research and practice.

The integration of migrants and the socially disadvantaged is another focus of our work. We understand interculturality as one cross-sectoral task, which we promote, practice and research in various contexts. Further work and areas of expertise of the ZiB e.V. are basic education, social economy, environmental education, ethnological, cultural-scientific and cultural-philosophical questions.

The ZiB e.V. operates three different social businesses as learning and training companies: An online shop for second-hand books (Stormarner Antiquariat at, a bus assistant service (BusBegleitService Stormarn) and a cultural studies library. All companies employ volunteers and socially disadvantaged people. The aim is to qualify them in areas that enable them to start working in the first labour market.

The ZiB e.V. is also involved in various regional and national initiatives concerning literacy, basic education as well as migration.

In addition to various other research and project activities, the ZiB e.V. currently leads a global learning project in cooperation with the Don Bosco Center in Darkhan, Mongolia.

Contact person: Danny FRANKE

Zentrum für interkulturelle Bildung und Arbeit
Address: Kurt-Fischer-Str. 27a, 22926 Ahrensburg, GERMANY
Tel.:+49 4102455697