The second international project meeting of the participating partners followed in May 2019 - this time partners visited Verein Multikulturell in Innsbruck, Austria. Also the project has developed further since the last meeting. It has now its own website and Facebook also provides up-to-date information on strategies to combat long-term unemployment.

In terms of content, this time the focus was on the possibilities of assessing the competences of potential beneficiaries in order to identify needs and challenges (presented by Sozopol and Creative Ideas). Work has also been done on the planned training programme. At a later stage this programme intends to help long-term unemployed to develop their first entrepreneurial skills or to generate a promising business idea.

And even after the departure there is a lot to do left for all the participants, because at the next meeting in Athens there will already be a first training for the trainers involved in the project.


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